Deconstruction/Symphony of chaos

These abstract paintings started from an architectural point of view, where the representation of the The City is based on the fragmentation and linearity. Here the volumes and shapes are identified by their colors and the interaction of these, in this way the line, the direction and the color are the personality of each one of the elements that make up the work. They are the habitants, the buildings and all the factors that form the city. Both with a good and a bad impact, they are a consequence of each other. It is the natural and gradual process of creation. I have used arbitrary geometrical forms to distort the elementary principles of order and create a planned and controlled chaos, which has lost control to find his own way.

The main inspirational source of this work is a combination of the Russian constructivism and the color theory of Joseph Albert, that they tempt to go to the other side, towards deconstruction. This is an experiment of the form and its geometric de- balances. Moreover, it is a search of harmony and reaction of colors, where in this case harmony does not exist.

I personally believe in the interaction between MODERNISM-CUBISM- EXPRESSIONISM-ART- ARCHITECTURE in the contemporary present.

"My idea is to go against the rational, the human and the formalism."