The Machine

This is a serie of figurative paintings where the central theme is the body in the process of transformation, an actual topic that is part of humanity today, where we can see nature, human beings, machines, technology and artificial intelligence merged to generate a single being. The transformation of the body and its fusion with the abnormal shape is the main topic of my proposal, manifested by a personal perspective.

Our body is one and another, it changes, according to the different places or situations in which it acts, is a mental conflict in the different dimensions we live in. My motivation is presented as a personal effort to analyze human evolution.

In a period dominated by the acceleration of change and the omnipotence of the spectacle through the mass media, the individual is alienated and dissociated. The "I" stops being a stable identity in order to coincide with the body, it is transformed into something changing and diverse.

My proposal seeks to present the metamorphosis of the body as a metaphor for the relationship of the individual with his own self, and with his body, since all the experiences we may have are limited and are thanks to the body. It is the space where all experiences are lived.